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Luis Fabiano Game

Luis Fabiano Game
Luis Fabiano Game l Version: 1.1.2 | Size: 32.11MB
Developers: Insane Games | Language: English

Luis Fabiano is in the area. Indeed, he is! The famous goalscorer now has his own soccer game. You can now get in the skin of this top player, kick the ball and aim for goal, like a professional. You can control the power, the angle and the effect when passing the ball, the perfect kick and be adored by the crowds, just like "the Fabulous" always did.
The games has six levels with several phases each, all designed for you to develop your kicking and goal skills, just like in a normal training session. The game becomes increasingly difficult as you progress, with new play moves appearing. It is therefore very important to keep the game updated in order to get any new moves.
Each time you conclude a phase, you will get a medal according to how you did. If you get to be really good in your moves, winning gold in all phases, you will get a Golden Boot for that level. Each Golden Boot counts as an achievement in the Game Centre.
This dynamic and fun, first-person game makes you feel as if you were in the field. It features 3D graphics and videos with this football star, on top of high quality sounds and music.
You have several ways of playing the ball or aiming for goal in each move. It is up to you to develop your own style and show the world who is the real fabulous.
Luis Fabiano Game
Luis Fabiano Game
Luis Fabiano Game

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