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Hangman LT - Multi lang

Hangman LT - Multi lang
Hangman LT - Multi lang l Version: 1.3.0 | Size: 2.58MB
Developers: BrainCrumbz | Language:English

Easy to use, with realistic graphics and handwriting style animations.
Classical Hangman paper game, anytime you like. Have fun with foreign words too, it'll take your mind off for a couple of minutes or hours.
Challenge your lexical background, pick up one in several languages, a category and try to guess the word knowing you only have 6 tries! Culture and good memory are the weapons at your disposal... Will you be able to save poor Joy-Joe's life?
Future upgrades on categories, words and languages will let you play with a constantly renewed and enjoyable game. And if you find any mispelled word, please let us know: we'll be happy to fix it!
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* You can play with words in English, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, German and Spanish
* Categories comprise:
* Lite version: animals, planets, football players, singers, songs
* Full version: many more, including e.g. cities, colors, movies, etc.
* At any time you can leave the current match and see solution
* Available for different screen sizes
* Available also for tablets
* You can also use the physical keyboard
* You can also play horizontally - i mean the screen, not you ;)
Have fun and... hey, your hints and comments are always welcome :)
Hangman LT - Multi lang
Hangman LT - Multi lang

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