Slots, Blackjack and Texas Hold'em Poker in a gorgeous, social package. Play, relax, compete and make friends… You're invited to Big Fish Casino!
Sit down, relax, have a drink & some chips – on us. We've got beautiful games and friendly people for you to play with. Come on in and let us show you around.
Big Fish Casino
Big Fish Casino l Version: 4.4.0 | Size: 32.72MB
Developers: Big Fish Games | Language: English
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Big Fish Games Studios summons you back to the deep mystery and magic of Azada. Too afraid to enter the library, young Titus calls upon your courage and superior puzzle-solving skills to disarm the magical menace. Luckily, Titus has given you a magic medallion to call upon him when in need. Enter the lives of storybook characters in more than 20 magic puzzle books. Meet famous legends like King Arthur, Rapunzel, Henry Jekyll, Buffalo Bill, and many more. Can you unveil the dark hidden secret in Azada: Ancient Magic?
Azada: Ancient Magic
Azada: Ancient Magic l Version: 1.0.28 | Size: 16.01MB
Developers: Big Fish Games | Language: English 
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Enigmatis: The Ghosts of Maple Creek Collector's Edition
Find and rescue a kidnapped teenage girl, and then save yourself, in Engimatis: The Ghosts of Maple Creek!
In this exciting Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure Game, you have woken up in a tiny town in the middle of nowhere called Maple Creek. Piece together your memories of how you got there, discover the ancient evil lurking in the seemingly peaceful lands of Vermont, and solve outstanding puzzles to uncover the truth in this thrilling detective story!
Enigmatis (Full) Collector's
Enigmatis (Full) Collector's l Version: 1.1 | Size: 7.21MB
Developers: Big Fish Games | Language: English 
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If you like Mahjong, you will LOVE Mahjong Towers Touch!
Mahjong Towers comes to Google Play in this beautiful sequel to the most popular mahjong solitaire game of all time, Mahjong Towers Eternity. Lose yourself in hours of satisfying tile matching and puzzle solving. Enjoy new features possible only on Android tablets: no more mouse ... just touch on tiles to match them! Swipe your discard pile to examine and undo as far back as you want with one touch. Beautiful art and music make this the game you'll want to relax with when it's time to unwind. A hand-crafted masterpiece by the mahjong lovers at Big Fish Games.
Mahjong Towers Touch (Full)
Mahjong Towers Touch (Full) l Version: 1.0.0 | Size: 42.07MB
Developers: Big Fish Games | Language: English
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Test your gumshoe skills!
Nick Chase, a hard-boiled Private Investigator, is in need of a job. Lucky for him, one arrives from a man known only as The Collector. Solve a variety of puzzles and find hidden clues to uncover the mystery behind the missing manuscript penned by Leonardo Da Vinci. Explore gorgeous hand drawn scenes with a gritty film noir style in this one of a kind Adventure game where everyone is a suspect!
Nick Chase: Detective (Full)
Nick Chase: Detective (Full) l Version: 0.9.2 | Size: 39.36MB
Developers: Big Fish Games | Language: English 
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Addictive, lightning quick puzzle play!
Play an insanely addictive puzzler on your Android device! Featuring entirely new puzzles, modes, interface, and game play! Relax and enjoy the stunning glass-like puzzles or the gritty wood pack. Pick up and play for 5 minutes or for 5 hours. You've been warned, this isn't your typical puzzle game!
Patchworkz (Full)
Patchworkz (Full) l Version: 1.0 | Size: 8.46MB
Developers: Big Fish Games | Language:English
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Save a town from a curse!
Mentored by one of the most powerful voodoo priestesses in the world, Lillian is learning to use her power. Suddenly, a dark force settles over New Orleans, and Marie Leveau, Lillian’s teacher, is placed under a curse. In fact, the entire town has been put into a deep, dark sleep by a mysterious evil force. Now young Lillian must find allies and uncover the dark secrets of voodoo in order to save her master and free her friends before it is too late in Voodoo Whisperer: Curse of a Legend!
Voodoo Whisperer CE
Voodoo Whisperer CE l Version:1.0.11 | Size:39.93MB
Developers: Big Fish Games | Language:English
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