Dr. Bubblegum is on the loose! Only Roby with his gravity tumbling capabilities can save the city from the doctor's sticky gum!
Don the cape of Roby Tumbler, the newest superhero in town! Roby must fly and tumble through the various unique floors of Dr. Bubblegum's skyscraper to save all captives from their sticky fate and finally take down Dr. Bubblegum once and for all!
Roby Tumbler
Roby Tumbler l Version: 1.0 | Size: 19.28MB
Developers: Pieces Interactive AB | Language: English
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Move over, grumpy birds with bad attitudes. Take a hike, you candy-addicted gluttonous blob! Head for the hills, dazed and confused, waterlogged reptile. There's a new game in town, so prepare for the robot invasion.
Rescue Roby
Rescue Roby l Version: 1.0 | Size: 39.05MB
Developers: Runaway Studios Inc. | Language:English 
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