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Base Defence - GZ

Base Defence - GZ
Base Defence - GZ l Version: 1.00 | Size: 49.38MB
Developers: GameJitsu Studio Limited | Language:English

Get ready to unleash carnage on your enemies in Base Defence - Ground Zero! Taking a classic tower defence game to a whole new 3D world!
The rebellion army has located all our research stations! They are in search of our main communication satellite which will take our research back decades if destroyed. Take command of turrets with special abilities to hold your defence against wave after wave of enemies! This is what your training was all about. Prove that all those hours of blood, sweat and tears was worth it!!!
It is RECOMMENDED that all users test the free version of this game first before buying.
This version is add free
-> 3 world maps (Forest, Desert, Snow)
-> Over 50 levels with more coming soon!
-> 2 different game modes (Campaign and Open Field) with more to come!
-> A massive collection of 21 turrest to choose from
-> 18 turrets (6 unique turrets with 3 upgrades each)
-> 3 supporting turrets
-> Defend against 14 enemy types
-> Ground units
-> Flying units
-> Fast units
-> Firing units
-> Carrier units
-> This game only supports English at the moment
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Base Defence - GZ
Base Defence - GZ
Base Defence - GZ

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