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Naval Commander

Naval Commander
Naval Commander l Version: 3.1.001 | Size: 32.9MB
Developers: APPCPI INC. | Language: English

The fleet is sailing on the Pacific Ocean, it was suddenly attacked by an unidentified fleet, in loss of almost all the warships, the commander ordered the submarine to crash dive.
Almost at the same time, many friendly forces also attacked.
Fleet fled to a deserted island, repair supply, ready to rebuild the troops to fight back and find out the truth.
- Build Dock: Manufacture more advanced warships
- Production Resources: Meet the military supplies
- Technical Research: Strengthen fleet fighting capacity
- Attack loot: Loot resources needed for development
- Exciting Levels: 17 chapters story line,272 levels,challenge and conquer the more powerful enemies!
- Clash of Fleets: Challenge your friends and other players,let's fight out who is the real super fleet!
- Alliance: The formation of Legion
Naval Commander
Naval Commander
Naval Commander

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