Red Warfare

Red Warfare
Red Warfare l Version: 2.0.0 | Size: 9.2MB
Developers: Smile Studio | Language: English 

Fight with thousands of players and recollect the classic game Red Warfare!
With 30 Million registered users, 10 million PC game users and 2 million daily active users, the super war masterpiece Red Warfare has landed on IOS system with its excellent HD display.
“Red Warfare” has been renowned as the best military game in military game kingdom as well as the fastest growing, hottest and the most popular classic war game on PC game platform in 2012 with its consistent and increasing popularity by the Chinese players. Red Warfare presents you the grand and magnificence of modern war with endless land, air, tank and missile battles from a whole new perspective.
“Red Warfare“, perfectly supported by iPhone and iPad, is the first and the only operable war game all over the world. Just slide the screen, thousands of armed force will be at your service; just with a slight touch it will present you the show of the Fighter bomber. In the game, you are the supreme commander of all the army. Everything will be at your call, and all the enemies are only waiting to be destroyed! We are all at your service! The world is waiting for your coming!
“Red Warfare” not only inherits the classic elements such as Oracle Tank and Rhino from the popular game Red Warfare that was once sweeping all over the world, but also injects the real battle forces of modern world such as Thunderbolt, Wing Drones and Raptor. What’s more, it also includes the fantastic and stunning element Hercules! Nothing is impossible in the game! You can find everything here that you can't find nowhere else.
In Red Warfare, fighting is held within the same server among players from all over the world such as China, Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia, America, Germany, Britain, France, etc. A new round of “World War” is around the corner now, and fights together with your people!
★★Features of Red Warfare for iPad★★
--Support iOS6
--Represent Red Alert 2
--Lifelike scene, buildings and weapons.
--Various military forces such as infantry, tank, jet fighter, attack helicopter, missile and atomic bomb.
--Abundant quests
--World WarⅡ battle simulation
--Smooth user experience
--World battle within one server
--Spy satellite locating enemy
★★Main game play of Red Warfare★★
--Construct resource and military buildings for development,
--Construct various defense buildings to form world-class defense system
--Unlock, and train soldiers, tank, jet fighters, etc.
--Upgrade soldiers, tanks jet fighters, etc.
--Finish quests to speed up development
--Experience World War Ⅱ
--Use spy satellite to locate enemies and then destroy them
Red Warfare
Red Warfare
Red Warfare

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