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Game of Drones

Game of Drones
Game of Drones l Version: 0.9.5 | Size: 20.7MB
Developers: HeroCraft Ltd​ | Language: English

Game of Drones: conquer the post-nuclear war world where NATO, the USA and Ukraine are no more. Instead, new all-powerful global alliances have emerged, engulfing every other state.
Command armies of drone tanks in this sci-fi strategy game that combines the classic gameplay of old school Dune-style RTSs, trading card game tactics, and key elements of MOBA games.
Game of Drones: a cruel, dark dystopia is a perfect place for anyone with ambitions to become a World War III hero and bury the shards of human civilization in the chaos of the last war.
Game of Drones: control, command, win!
- Combination of genres: RTS, tower defense, and a trading card game
- Story campaign in a post-apocalyptic world
- Dark, dystopian setting resembling Orwell's "1984"
- 54 battle cards for your collection
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Game of Drones
Game of Drones
Game of Drones

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