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Kingdom Defense: Tower Wars TD

Kingdom Defense: Tower Wars TD
Kingdom Defense: Tower Wars TD l Version: 1.0 | Size: 74.4MB
Developers: LMH ​| Language: English

★★ Kingdom Defense: Tower Wars TD - The best strategy and defense game of 2017 ★★
Kingdom Defense is a standout game in tower defense genre, with the castle defense gameplay style that lots of people love. This game will bring to you a new, exciting and dramatic experience in each level.
You will join in the epic tower wars, as the owner of Kingdom you must arrange the towers and heroes by your own strategy - protect the Kingdom against cruel and powerful beast forces including alien horses as galaxy alien creeps, zombie, pirate, robot, and legendary creatures as red dragon, werewolf, skeleton monster and cute monsters as Slime...
Fighting for you in the tower defense battles is legendary heroes from the Three Kingdoms worlds, Ninjas, Japanese swordsman, samurais and various types of defensive towers.
What you have to do is to build and arrange the war towers by your best strategy using the ready coins of each level and the coins you get from beating the enemies. Install
Kingdom Defense NOW and fight to become a legendary DEFENDER!!!
Kingdom Defense: Amazing free tower defense game
As one of the best defense games combining classic and modern style, this game will give you and people who love TD games the excited experience that you never ever had. And it is 100% FREE!!!
Various gameplay and castle defense strategies
- Over 16 levels and continuously updated: Each level contains its own attractions, dramas and challenges, requiring you to think and calculate special strategies to protect the castle. The difficulty increases after each level to help you get to know the game quickly and always feel excited!
- 30 types of horses: cute Slime, bloodthirsty vampire, galaxy robot, zombie, flame dragon, skeleton archer and more!
- Various towers, barracks and heroes: you must arrange position of defensive towers and heroes in defense zone to safe the castle and kingdom.
- Multi upgrade levels: Each tower in Kingdom Defense has at least 5 levels of strength upgrades that help you improve your army skills in the battles, depending on your upgrade options you can plan different defense strategies.
Interesting daily tasks and great rewards for Defenders:
- In Kingdom Defense Tower Wars, the vast variety of daily tasks will bring to you a lot of gold and gems to upgrade the strength of your heroes and towers.
- Depending on your achievement, you can get so many awesome rewards and the best player will become the Legendary Defender!
Powerful magic:
- The magical skills you can use in Kingdom Defense Tower War TD as meteor rain, fire rain... can help you protect the Kingdom easier.
- Beside attack skills, you can use other effective defense skills.
- Magical skills can be upgraded to level up their strength.
People who love tower defense games in particular cannot miss out the exciting game Kingdom Defender Tower Wars TD. DOWNLOAD NOW to become the KING of battles!!!
Kingdom Defense: Tower Wars TD
Kingdom Defense: Tower Wars TD
Kingdom Defense: Tower Wars TD
Kingdom Defense: Tower Wars TD

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