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Syrmia Defense

Syrmia Defense
Syrmia Defense l Version: 1.4 | Size: 5.68MB
Developers: Syrmtech | Language:English

Syrmia is addictive medieval-themed defense game, that runs well even on low-end devices. Featuring nice graphics, music and sound effects...
Key features:
- 2 game modes (Campaign and Skirmish).
- 2 types of maps to choose from (open maps and maps with fixed path).
- 10 levels.
- 4 types of towers.
- 5 base upgrades that increase tower attributes.
- 2 ammo upgrades for each tower that improve existing or add completely new effects.
- 5 skills that you can upgrade by gaining experience.
- 8 achievements to unlock that also gives you various bonuses.
If you have any questions, problems or suggestions contact us at [email protected]
Your feedback is always welcome.
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Syrmia Defense
Syrmia Defense
Syrmia Defense

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