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Dash or Defend

Dash or Defend
Dash or Defend l Version: 1.2.2 | Size: 59.97MB
Developers: Dual Decade ‚Äč| Language: English

Dash or Defend is a new Real-Time Strategy game in a fantasy setting, featuring two
opposing sides. It is also a two-in-one Tower Defense *and* Tower Attack game!

When playing as Dash, you send your minions against the Tower base. As Defend,
you must stop the minions from reaching it. Victories allow you to unlock new towers,
minions and spells, so you can develop new strategies for both sides.

Battle against online opponents in fast, 5-minute games.
Alternate which side you play to have even more fun, while becoming better at predicting and defeating your opponents' strategies!

Key Features:
- Play two sides, with 100% different cards and win conditions.
- Multiplayer PvP. Duel real players in real-time.
- Discover what it's like to play the reverse side of Tower Defense.
- Unlock and upgrade towers, units and spells as you battle your way up the ranks.
- No pay to win. Cards can't be purchased - only collected through winning battles. (Plus, there are freebies!)
- Fine-tune your battle decks to fit your strategies perfectly.
- Each game only takes 5 minutes or less.
- Tap-Dash! A fun mini-game in the Flappy Bird tradition is included, to entertain you while you wait for your next opponent to press their "Battle" button.
Dash or Defend
Dash or Defend
Dash or Defend
Dash or Defend

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