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Doom of Aliens (Unreleased)

Doom of Aliens (Unreleased)
Doom of Aliens (Unreleased) l Version: 1.2.04 | Size: 72.3MB
Developers: Mob Arts Entertainment Limited | Language: English

@#$#...We are…@#¥@#...attacking aircraft…#[email protected] on lv438 Planet…Breed…We need to breed…Queen Code: REPRODUCTION...

&& Game Feature &&

☆ Players around the whole world can play together! ☆
• Whole new SLG mobile game “Doom of Aliens” is grandly on line!
• Join in the Alliance of China, play the role of the Alien with players from the rest of the world to invade the Earth!

☆ Drive your own Alien Aircraft ☆
• Build your own Alien Aircraft
• Drive the Alien Aircraft, roaming in the vast universe
• Command your team, destroy your enemies

☆ Train super team ☆
• Aliens, Robots, all kinds of soldiers make the conditions of battlefield change quickly
• Upgrade soldiers, research technology, no one can beat you

☆ Accelerate in building, have fun in PVE ☆
• Build and upgrade several parts of the aircraft at the same time
• Deploy the marching troops to win the battle

☆ Multiple ways to attack to make you satisfied! ☆
• Tactics Aircraft, AOE weapon, absolutely necessary in defense and offense
• Rail Gun, destroy the enemies’ aircrafts from a long distance
• Expedition, send out the assist aircraft to attack enemy

☆ Real time combat, one server, whole world ☆
• Choose your race, join your fleet, and conquer the whole universe with the players from all over the world
• Steady, precise and quick immediately translation system will make you feel no difficulty in communication with other players

Welcome to contact us in the following ways:

1. FAQ:

2. Feedback mailbox to players:
[email protected]

3. Internal channel for feedback in game:
Click the “Player Figure” on the left top corner of the screen --> Setting --> Contact the CS

4. Facebook:

Currently the game offers “Auto-Translate” function and “Multiple Language”, include: Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, French, German, Spanish, Russia, Korean, Italian and so on. More languages are in processing and coming soon!
Doom of Aliens (Unreleased)
Doom of Aliens (Unreleased)
Doom of Aliens (Unreleased)
Doom of Aliens (Unreleased)

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