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Rolling Guardian v1.3

Rolling Guardian v1.3
Rolling Guardian l Version:1.3 | Size:18.43MB
Developers:Nootor | Language:English

롤링 가디언,Rolling Guardian,알까기,거북이,심심풀이,turtle,defense
Game Description ★ ★
- Rolling Guardian skill mounting system, seven different types of maps, 30 different character, with a variety of terrain that can play a strategic game.
- Up until now could not be enjoyed by a new type of control could not enjoy the existing micro-control in the game to enjoy.
TIP ★ ★ games
- Aim combo!
The more powerful skill combos that can be used to increase opportunities.
Combination equates to a higher reward.
- Items at a critical moment!
I can not write when you need just look at the items available have jeongjak.
- Each map features good use.
Desert, ice, stone, wood, etc. There is an obstacle map. Advantage, may be an obstacle.
The choice of how users share!

The application of the 480 X 800, 480 X 854, 600 X 1024 resolution is optimized for the device.
Release history
v1.0 sign up market
v1.1 added tip screen
v1.2 600 X 1024 resolution supported

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