Dark Story

Dark Story
Dark Story l Version: 6.17 | Size: 4.69MB
Developers: QoD Games | Language: English

Dark Story, the hybrid tower defense/action game.
Waves of monsters are attacking your heroes. You need defeat a monsters, bosses, upgrade your paty, find new heroes, unlock new territory.
How to play?
# Touch screen to move your paty.
# Your heroes will automatically attack.
# Collect items: Money, Heart (Restore HP) and Mana bottle (Restore MP).
# Upgrade paty: Increase health, power, skills and e.t..
# Skills: Your heroes have skills - Stunning, Freezing, Power Shot, Crit shot, Vampirism, Pet and e.t.
# Special shot: Powerfull attack. Each special shot need mana.
Game mode:
# Local mode: Defeat waves of monsters.
# Battle mode: Duel on other player paty.
Dark Story
Dark Story
Dark Story
Dark Story

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