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3 Kingdoms TD:Defenders' Creed

3 Kingdoms TD:Defenders' Creed
3 Kingdoms TD:Defenders' Creed l Version: 1.0.2 | Size: 18.60MB
Developers: WSW GAME | Language:English

Defenders' Creed
BRAND NEW! 3 Kingdoms! Tower Defense! Masterpiece! Defenders’ Creed was just published. Use your wisdom to defend your homeland!
Based on the legendary wars between 3 kingdoms and the classical defending campaigns in ancient China, this game is one of the best 3 Kingdoms Tower Defense titles melting with famous heroes and diversified upgrading systems.
Do not simply treat it as Plants vs Zombies with 3 kingdoms characters and storylines. The hero and soldier system, defending nurture system and purse system show how creative the game is. In addition to that, the huge amount of stages await for you to explore and challenge. Being defenders of your city and a commander for your homeland people, you have to hold the Defenders’ Creed for repelling powerful and cruel intruders and defending your homeland.
Skillful famous heroes from 3 kingdoms era, diversified defending tactics and value-added purses are the core game elements. Different combinations of those elements can create different playing experiences. In addition, unpredictable weather system and extra bonus system further motivate you to join the passionate defending wars.
* Features of the famous Heroes: Unique characteristics *
- Each hero has unique instant skills, which can execute some special defending effects.
- Each hero has 3 different passive skills, which will be executed automatically in the battle to increase defending skills.
* Defending Features: diversified game-play *
- Diversified soldier types: Long-range Archer, fatal-attack Infantry, solid Heavy Armor, brave Knight, magical Wizard, powerful Catapult, assistant Drummer play their roles in the game. If being used properly, they are the key factors of victory.
- Diversified soldier skills: Each soldier has 3 upgradable skills. Each skill can be further upgraded to 3 levels. Properly doing upgrades can help to win in the battle.
- Diversified Operations: Defenders can be moved to some grids around for re-deploying. They can also be merged with other defenders around with the same type to upgrade skills and recover the unit’s HP.
* Purse Feature: Value-added aid *
- Various purses can be gained in the game to assist players to pass stages.
- Some purse can increase defenders’ attacking agility. Some purse can block enemies. More purses await for your discovery.
* Stage Feature: Full of challenges *
- As stage goes, enemy will change formations and enhance the attack intensity. More powerful and higher-level enemies will be spawned. In addition, it is very important for you to use different heroes necessarily, upgrade your soldier defenders properly, form a smart defending formation and use purses wisely. Otherwise it would be very hard to defend your homeland.
- Bosses appear in the key stages. They could be a warrior with brave heart or wizard with magic spells. Warrior can encourage all enemies. Wizard can cast fire spells. You should create some strategies to beat them.
- The HARD mode will have more difficulty than the NORMAL mode with stronger enemies. Use your wisdom to beat them and gain more gold, purses and unlock more famous heroes!
More stages will be published soon, please keep an eye on the updates of the 3 kingdoms TD : Defenders’ Creed.
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3 Kingdoms TD:Defenders' Creed
3 Kingdoms TD:Defenders' Creed
3 Kingdoms TD:Defenders' Creed

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