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Robot Defense

Robot Defense
Robot Defense l Version: 1.0.1 | Size: 26.51MB
Developers: CELL STUDIO | Language: English

Robot Defense is a unique tower-based defense game: abundant towers + hero, which makes it a lot more challenging and fun!
# Warrior: the strong soldier with incredible power who terrifies enemies with “Shake’em off” and “Transformation” skills;
# Assassin: the nimble killer with poisoned weapons who terrifies enemies with “Ghost Attack” and “Poison Touch” skills;
# Magian: the wise wizard who can cast the lost spells “Blizzard” to freeze enemies, and “Finger of God” to power up your defense towers.
Gun Tower: low damage, short range, always the must;
Missile Tower: medium damage, long range, good at defeating air force;
Electric Tower: super high damage, medium range, the boss killer;
Glue Tower: low cost, slowing down an enemy, use it wisely to restrict a boss;
Ice Tower: slow down multiple enemies, medium range.
Energy Tower: increase surrounding towers' attack power;
Flame Tower: attack multiple enemies, handy weapon to handle a large wave of enemies.
Bounce Tower: bounce attack, taking out dispersed enemies with one shoot;
Laser Tower: attack enemies in a line, super long range, the coolest ultimate weapon.
Variant creatures, robot monsters, aliens, hi-tech battle cruisers, etc.
Ready to fight, Commander?
Robot Defense
Robot Defense
Robot Defense
Robot Defense
Robot Defense

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