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Dragon Tower Defense RTS

Dragon Tower Defense RTS
Dragon Tower Defense RTS l Version: 1.60 | Size: 26.34MB
Developers: Cartoon Inc | Language: English

Human, Elf and the Dragons live together peacefully until a day when Alien known as The Shadows of the far galaxy landed and crushed and slayed the Dragons and their lairs into pieces.
Help the Dragons restore their kingdom from chaos to order and defeat the evil monsters, infested plants,vs zombies, flesh eating apes, gargoyles, sand worms, werewolves and others arisen by The shadows before they come to you!
Play a legendary hero role either as an Human Knight Warrior or an Elf Sorceress to save the Dragons from the monsters.
The best defense is to offend. Hunt down The Dragon slayers and destroy their bases by building your troops of pets consist of dragons, dinasours, drakes as well as Towers and the magics/spells that the Dragon will teach you as you progress..
This is a totally free Tower Defense (TD) and RTS (Real Time Strategy) android game into one.
It might not be one of the top or best game but definitely a good game to kill your time.
The game started with a few warm up levels to ease you in learning curves. It' a very fast paced game and be ready to keep your fingers busy after that.
More goodies and Multiplayer will be coming soon.. Of course, the more downloads and likes on my facebook page , the higher chances.
This is actually my first game and everything in the game is developed by one person only and i have been through some hardship. Please give me a chance by trying out the game. Please help me continue my path as game developer if you can by sharing, liking or donating if you can.
Please help me continue develop the game by providing your feedback if you can..
Give a 5 star ratings if you'd like to see more heroes, skills in the play.
The game is tested on Nexus, Nexus 7 tablet, Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4, Galaxy Notes
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Dragon Tower Defense RTS
Dragon Tower Defense RTS
Dragon Tower Defense RTS
Dragon Tower Defense RTS
Dragon Tower Defense RTS

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