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Defend The Bunker

Defend The Bunker
Defend The Bunker l Version: 1.7 | Size: 21.03MB
Developers: AppOn Games | Language: English

Now the famous “Defend the Bunker” available on Google play.
Defend the Bunker is the ultimate portable tower defense experience.
Defend the Bunker is just not TD but a TD with suspense
Featuring lot’s of mission’s upgrades and nice graphics.
Defend the Bunker has the best elements of tower defender games and also includes such original features like MMG, Flame thrower, Slower tower, Bomber Tower, Missile towers and Laser Tower to increase your defense.
Also your have air strike and mines available for the tough times.
Fix the spot and plant your weapons don’t let Enemy reach your bunker.
Kill the enemies and earn the money. Let enemy know your power.
But do not underestimate your enemies. They also have something under the sleeves.
★★THE BEST & THE ORIGINAL Tower Defense on Google Play Store!★★
+30 campaign and 7 Challenge maps
+6 Towers
+6 Enemy units
+2 Special Weapons
+4 Different World Themes.
Happy Valentines day
Defend The Bunker
Defend The Bunker
Defend The Bunker

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