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★Play World of Warcraft on mobile phone? The most popular fantasy game for iOS is going to be released now. It will allow you to recapture the pleasure of WoW on mobile phones whenever and wherever possible.
◆Tired of daily instances in Wow day after day? Never wanna see the newbies in the random instances again? Come here, join your friends to fight the endless battle, look for the initial and purest happiness. From the grasslands of distant border to the ancient kingdoms among the mountains, from wilderness fortress of blood to the endless depths of flaming, the adventurers travel all over the world. So, what are you waiting for? Come on, join us!!!
◆The Magical Crusade is a fantasy Turn-Based Strategy Game (TBS) for iOS and Android devices. The game not only has a perfect character system to enhance, huge skills and equipment to discover, but also has rich stories and perfect occupation combination match. There are 5 races available: Human, Elf, Dwarf, Orc and Gnome. Various of epic heroes with superior skills are waiting for your summon. By forming teams with heroes of all races, you can not only go on free adventures in the fantasy world, but also compete with other players from all over the world in the arena.Go to see who eventually prevails!
★ Accessible endless pleasure, WoW in your pocket!
★ Super interesting character development, 5 races available, a variety of formations for your free combination!
★ Perfect strategy races combination, different races with different features, combine the strongest formation with your wisdom !
★ All kinds of skill matches at your will! Hundreds of skills helps you DIY your own powerful heroes!
★ Hundreds of superior equipment, endless treasures waiting for you to open!
★ Gorgeous battle experience and various epic instances will make you never take it back!
★ Realistic sound, cool special effect will let you try to stop but cannot!
★ Joyful player interaction, go to PK with friends, who will be the King in the arena!
★ Spectacular suits, collecting suits with unique appearance will make you out of the ordinary!
★ Thrilling fighting for skill fragments, Winner-Takes-All, fighting for mystical skill fragments!
★ Create powerful alliance. Share the pleasure with your friends!

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