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Combat Monsters

Combat Monsters
Combat Monsters l Version: 1.0 | Size: 106.91MB
Developers: Rubicon Development | Language:English

Combat Monsters are not your everyday monsters. They will follow your commands to vanquish the enemy… or die a fiery death!
Play for FREE against friends right in front of you or on the other side of the globe. Devise strategies that make the most of your deck: will you overrun your adversary with dozens of bloodthirsty creatures?
Defend your Hero at all costs with healing spells? Invest heavily in runes and concentrate on a few high-powered cards?
With 132 monsters, 70 weapons, 28 shields, 42 spells, 22 runes, 12 Heroes and 120+ maps to choose from, there’s no end to the challenge in Combat Monsters.
After completing the campaign, it’s time to join the carnage online with up to SIX PLAYERS on a single board or two player pass & play. No friends? No problem! We included a Quick Battle skirmish mode that will get you a game in no time at all.
Play on Android, PC, Kindle tablets or even iOS if you have an iPad on the side. Just log-in and play – we made sure your account works on all supported devices. You can also do battle with Apple fans and PC owners… and show them who’s boss :)
Combat Monsters is a unique combination of collectable card games and tactical combat 9 man-years in the making. If you’re a fan of CCGs and/or turn-based tactical strategy games, we made this game for you.
Can you beat all the achievements? Will you be the one to acquire the first legendary card? Download Combat Monsters today – and find out!
NB: Your game progress is managed on our servers, so you will need an internet connection.
Combat Monsters
Combat Monsters
Combat Monsters

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