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Build castles and fight with thousands other players in new war strategy game "Feudals". Which strategy you will choose - generous defender or pitiless invader - depends on you!
Farewell sermon of bishop Telford's Westgeyer, the year of 954 after Great Day Break.
On guard, feudal! Take up your indestructible troops and march out! Get over the whole continent, from ice fiords to scalding deserts! Leave enemies' cities in flames and build magnificent castles. Develop science and be used for Gods with only one goal - to destroy curse of ancient enchantment's blood, that took away your father's life.
Be brave, feudal, and get alliance of true friends. There is no power to smite you when you are together. Fight, feudal, but do not forget about markets, because strong army needs huge expenses. Your passway is inscrutable. Only you know if you came in this world in peace or your heart serves to the dark side.
On guard, feudal! You are our last hope!
1. Build your unique castle, bring up scores of military and court buildings!
2. Choose your own strategy of victory: fight, make alliances, trade!
3. Get ready for confrontation with thousands of players from all over the world or get over the way of a loner.
4. Get an indestructible army and improve what you need for your military tactics.
5. Discover caves, kurgans and abandoned castles... they are full of treasures!
6. Be used for the Gods and get their favor or develop science and technologies!
7. Build your own castle with dozens of unique rooms.
8. All of the mentioned and even more is waiting for you in the game "Feudals"
If you like strategies and you played such games as Clash of Clans, Fight of Castles, Wars of Sparta and Kingdoms of Camelot, that means "Feudals" is just for you!
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