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Space Shards

Space Shards
Space Shards l Version: 1.011 | Size: 11.21MB
Developers: Geometric Progression | Language:English

Maze in space! Test your logic, memory and route finding skills in a new zero gravity adventure.
Space Shards is a free puzzle game in which the aim is to guide George the Astronaut to his capsule through the maze of space debris. Bounce him off of triangles and squares while passing through portals and encountering some other - more mysterious entities. It all starts very easy but with each consecutive puzzle the trajectory becomes increasingly more complicated and the right path through the maze gets harder to spot.
Generally if you like watching things bounce off of other things you will find that this game is right up your street, but also it will test your ability to think clearly. I have made no attempt to dumb it down for anyone and some levels are genuinely hard. If you can’t solve them all please stay cool, it’s just a game.
How to play: Each level is essentially a maze puzzle except instead of walls there are objects that you bounce off. Tap on these objects to set them at the correct angles and then tap on the astronaut to begin. But beware, once the astronaut started moving he won't stop until he either reaches his capsule or flies away in the vastness of space. So make sure you plan his journey carefully and unless you have the brain of a London cab driver be prepared to try the same puzzle several times until you get it right. The number and variety of game elements increases with each puzzle, to keep you sufficiently challenged.
There’s currently 55 maze levels. The game is completely free to play and there are no in-game purchases. So if you like mazes and puzzles, why not give it a go?
Space Shards
Space Shards

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