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Steam Cards II

Steam Cards II
Steam Cards II l Version: 1.0.0 | Size: 7.88MB
Developers: Teshika Ltd | Language: English

Playing in this game regularly, you can improve your short-term memory.
But you should not abuse it, take care!
Steam Cards - a classic game "for remembering" in steampunk style.
You must help the girl-mechanic disable the steam engine, before it explodes.
Turn over a flap and remember the picture on it. Then, turn over another flap to see if they match.
Each found pair cools the engine, thus increasing the time before overheating.
With a new level amount of flaps increases and decreases the time before the explosion.
Help Teshika!
Change list:
* Steam Cards ( Steampunk ) version 1.0.3:
+ Added effects of explosion and sparks.
* Steam Cards ( Steam punk ) version 1.0.2:
+ Minor bugs fixed.
+ Moved from Action section to Brain & Memory Train.
+ Renamed to current title.
* Memory Cards Matching ( Card Match ) version 1.0.1:
+ First release of game.
Steam Cards II
Steam Cards II
Steam Cards II

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