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Squishy Fruit - FREE

Squishy Fruit - FREE
Squishy Fruit - FREE l Version: 1.7 | Size: 32.08MB
Developers: CMGLabs | Language: English

Smash the Fruit, Worms & Flies!
"Cool" - 25/30
"Squishy Fruit had me hooked to it in no time" - 4/5
"The whole game is a fast paced" - iPhoneGamerUK 4/5
Why stop at a squishing fruit game? Worms and Flies also pose a threat, so they must be squished too! Leave them alone for too long and they will show you they are angry and smash your screen.
Who said fruit was good for you? Everybody is talking about Squishy Fruit:
* "I'm addicted to Squishy Fruit, can I please have my life back?" - R. Mulliss (Master squisher).
* "Cool game - it's a blast" - D. Martin (Screen poker.. master squisher in game training)
Compete against your iPhone, iPad & Google Android friends with the fast ninja finger game! Are you better than they are? Tap, whack, smash, squash, poke & squish your way to being fast as a ninja numero uno Squishy Fruit smasher.
+ Rated the best free fruit game in your pocket for all ages - kids, adults, boys & girls.
+ Cool, fun fruit squishing, squashing & smashing game! - Guaranteed to rope you in the game.
+ Facebook Squishy Fruit Leaderboard - Can you be the World Master fast angry ninja Fruit Squisher?
+ Taunt your friends with your scores on FaceBook & Twitter. Don't make them angry though.. They are your friends.
+ Discrete scoring methods that take into account Accuracy & Speed. How fast can you be?
+ Easy to play... But hard to be a black belt fruit squishing Ninja Master in this fast action game.
+ Fast Cute High Definition graphics on your Android phone or Tablet.
+ Smash them in the Fields, Smash them in the Kitchen, Smash them in the Market & Smash them in the Desert. Smashing Squishy Fruit is so much fun. Come on, don't get angry, just get better at the know you want to be a fast Squishy Fruit ninja master too.
We have fast Angry Fruit, fast Angry Worms & fast Angry Flies. Are you good enough to take them on in this squishy fruit frenzy? Can you move as fast as a finger Ninja? Your finger is your ninja stick or hammer... use it carefully to smash and squish the fruit, the flies and worms while being as fast and accurate as you can.
You will have a smashing good time.
- If Squishy Fruit runs too slow on your phone or fails to run at all, please don't get angry, just change the Resolution to Low in the options menu. You too can be a fast angry master Squishy Fruit ninja just by playing the game.
Squishy Fruit - FREE
Squishy Fruit - FREE
Squishy Fruit - FREE
Squishy Fruit - FREE

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