Ninja ZET

Ninja ZET
Ninja ZET l Version: 2.0 | Size: 31.41MB
Developers: Playtasy Inc. | Language: English

"Collect all 7 Goshinki and learn the ultimate Jutsu and bring peace to the world." That's the lesson of Legendary ZET give us. Ninja ZET brings you the exciting Ninja world in an adventurous RPG theme. You can level up and customize your character with skills, armor, weapons and gears. No matter you want to be Naruto, Samurai, or other Anime character!! Just build your own avatar!! Experience the exciting adventure with your character and hunt for the mysterious Goshinki!
-Multi-platforms game progress synchronised
- Customize your ninja with head piece, weapons, outfits and even Ninjutsu!
- Team up with three ninja
- Various Ninjutsu elements of your choice
- Build a unique team of ninja
- Tama and Weapon upgrade
- Daily missions
- Achievements
- Exciting in-game events
- Regular updates
Ninja ZET
Ninja ZET
Ninja ZET

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