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Storm Gunner

Storm Gunner
Storm Gunner l Version: 1.2.2 | Size: 25.18MB
Developers: GOPANGO | Language:English

You always wanted to fight in the Second World War. Now you can! Entrenched, your only chance of survival is to eliminate the enemy before they finish you.
* First Person Shooter
* Defend yourself from all the enemies with 3 great weapons
* Spectacular visuals
There are three possible weapons that you unlock progressively: At first only have access to a Kalashnikov rifle. As the game progresses you unlock the Machine Gun and the Bazooka. Discover the role each weapon has to help you live a little more.
We have listened to our customers!
So, new in this version:
- radar that shows location of the enemies
- you can explode grenades while in the air
- left-hand mode
- new control mode (go to Settings - Beginner mode).
→→ The game ←←
The end of the war is coming, but there is a man who has to perform the last act of heroism. With this game for the iPad, you can become a true hero. Don’t think and act now!
You hear the sound of a helicopter and a United States Marine Corps lieutenant wakes you up by screaming: "NOW, NOW, GO AHEAD AND JUMP!" When you've regained consciousness you are in the dead of a desert in northern Afghanistan.
Inside one of the pockets in your backpack, you find some official documents that report your mission:
"We've taken away your credentials and any transmission means. Your mission is to defend a strategic position. The defense of the position is the key to the victory in this war. We do not know the enemies you'll encounter. "
→→ The experience of being hunted ←←
Tens of missions, where the goal is to survive and kill the enemy, await for you. Most of the times, you will not see the end of the battle, but don’t worry: no one is coming to pick you up or help you at all. Be warned: This game is only for really brave people. Do you have what it takes?
→→ Survival ←←
The medical kit and ammo are the only companions that will help you stay alive. The speed and accuracy in handling your weapons will help you survive just another day in the bloodiest trench in the Story.
As you progress, the enemy will become more aggressive, so you will need more powerful weapons. Get those weapons and finish them all.
Colonel’s message finishes with:
"We are sorry to tell you that your mission will end when you kill all the enemies and finish this d*m**d war. We cannot help you anymore."
** Game control advice **
If you have problems with the game controls, we recommend to check both types of game control (pad & point-and-shoot). If you wanted to use the point-and-shoot method on the iPad, use your left finger to tap on the fire button, while using your right finger to move around the scene. It is advisable to keep your finger on the screen while shooting
** **
Game trailer:
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Storm Gunner
Storm Gunner
Storm Gunner
Storm Gunner

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