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Spartan Wars: Clash of Clans

Spartan Wars: Clash of Clans
Spartan Wars: Clash of Clans l Version: 1.2 | Size: 23.11MB
Developers: ServeSilicon Technologies Pvt Ltd | Language: English

★★★★★ Arjun the warrior :: Clash of Clans ★★★★★ is a war game that mixes strategy game fun with real time action . Clash with the biggest Clans out there and fight with Arjun's arrow defense. If that was not enough, hire Heroes as mercenaries. Kill and eliminate enemy units to collect gold and war gems. Upgrade arrows, missiles and get all the fighting power you need. A combination of action,strategy and magic.
★★★★★ CLASH OF CLAN LORDS ★★★★★ Each clan lord is equipped with a mysterious fire power. Some will kill you too easily, the others will make you "freeze". Fight with guts and go for the glory. Each clan lord on elimination gives enough gold to let you collect more weapons you need. It gets harder and harder so be sure to upgrade your weapons.
★★★★★ SUPER STRATEGY GAME ★★★★★ Only if firing of arrows was so simple. You need to be alert and careful in picking up your enemies. Time is crucial and choose enemies that you can kill fast. But also be careful not to let them sneak in too close to the wall.
★★★★★ WAR HEROES AND CLAN LORDS ★★★★★ Fight with the mighty Clan Lords with your fierce arrow defense but also consider hiring extra help to take on the rest of the army while you fight with Clan Lords.
★★★★★ A SUPER FREE GAME ★★★★★ The game in itself is free. To support our bills we had to integrate Ads. But thats not at the cost of user experience. If you feel we have done a good job then please rate us.
Spartan Wars: Clash of Clans

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