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Space Raiders Tower Defense

Space Raiders Tower Defense
Space Raiders Tower Defense l Version: 1.4 | Size: 8.34MB
Developers: spdr870 | Language:English

Defense and protect in Space Raiders. A high quality Tower Defense game!
Your mission is to protect space treasures from enemies. The enemy will try to capture these treasures. Fight off the enemy with defensive turrets. There are seven different towers you can build. Each tower has its own strengths and weaknesses. Build small cannons for early defense. Small towers are cheap to build but not very effective. Build the gattling gun to fight off stronger enemies. The gattling gun is more effective against all kinds of enemies. The rocket launcher does great damage to larger units and bosses. The fastest enemies can be stopped best using the laser tower. To make all towers more effective, use the slowdown tower to stall enemies. The flame thrower can be used against large enemy groups. Finally you can use the big gun, which is slow but is incredibly powerful and can target almost the entire map.
Place your towers on tactical positions in each level. In open areas you can shape the path that the enemy will have to take to get to the pods. Upgrade towers to make them stronger. If a pod has been stolen, the enemy has to escape with the pod. You still have some time to take the enemy down.
You will need every tactic you can think of, because the enemy can be very intelligent! Instead of simply choosing the shortest path, they will try to avoid towers. They will even build new roads using bulldozers. Every level will require a different approach. Are you the commander ready to take this challenge?
* High Definition Graphics
* Advanced AI
* Long Range Weapons
* Pause and Fast Forward
* 7 Upgradable Towers
* Landscape and Portrait support
Space Raiders Tower Defense
Space Raiders Tower Defense
Space Raiders Tower Defense

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