Wars Online

Wars Online
Wars Online l Version:1.0 | Size:27.19MB
Developers:Mobe Labb Corp. | Language:English

Welcome to your newest strategic gaming addiction! Download Wars Online - Defend Your Kingdom, jump into a medieval battle tournament for the ages against real opponents from all over the world, collect gold and upgrade every aspect of your forces, and push your armies to total domination today!
Wars Online

Experience wildly fun strategic battle gaming like never before!
Wars Online - Defend Your Kingdom is a uniquely engaging new 2D arcade spectacle that is equal parts tower defense action and real-time RPG action. You have the power to build up a medieval army complete with diverse foot soldiers, upgradeable weapons, effective healers, bomb brigades, and more! Revolutionary cannon controls that allow you to adjust how far and at what trajectory it fires. Earn respect in fierce multiplayer battles against real opponents, destroy and conquer your foes in vast, non-linear single player Campaigns!
Take on anyone in the world in Heads up Battle:
● Battle online opponents from around the globe and build up your rep as the war master to beat!
● Taunt your enemies with instantly translated messages
● Use coins won from heads up battles and through Wars Online’s Campaign mode to bolster your army’s strengths.
● Don’t want to grind your way to the top? Buy some extra coins instantly via in-app purchase and juice up your army even faster!
● Brag about your wins to your friends via Facebook and Twitter right from the app.
Wage your own Medieval War Campaign:
● Wars Online’s - Defend Your Kingdom single player mode features 30 unique battles. Every victory rewards you with a king’s ransom in gold which you can then use to upgrade your forces.
● Earn gold for destroying enemy units!
● Buy new soldiers, upgrade existing infantry, increase healers, and more - or save it for a rainy day!
● Adjust battle strategies based on the environment your forces are fighting in.
● This is your campaign so it’s all up to you, just make sure you think strategically. Brute force alone won’t guarantee your success.
What are you waiting for? Start battling, building up your army, & dominating now!
Wars Online – Defend Your Kingdom is developed by Mobe Labb Corp. Ltd.

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