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Galaxy Defense War 3D HD

Galaxy Defense War 3D HD
Galaxy Defense War 3D HD l Version: 1.1.0 | Size: 39.41MB
Developers: Super Vault Team | Language: English 

Dodge asteroids and shoot alien invaders in stunning 3D.
Simply put - this is the best 3D invaders game for Android and you should give it a try! This 3D adaptation of the well-known classic arcade game is here to take the boredom away and shoot it whith laser beams. Slalom through meteorites, asteroids, planets, galaxies and raging alien enemies and kill them all on your way to victory! Free games are here to stay.
If you like games like Space Invaders or Radiant you will love this game. You can move left and right in the game, just like Space Invaders, Radiant or Galaga but you can also move up and down so you can avoid obstacles like asteroids, space ships, etc. You can shoot with 2 lasers at the beginning but as you progress you can shoot with more and more laser beams, even 20 laser beams at once. The alien enemies shoot back, just like Chicken Invaders, and get smarter and better as you progress through the game. The alien invaders must die and you are the person for the job.
銀河保衛戰3D HD
This game is fun, challenging and does not contain blood or gore. The vivid 3D graphics will amaze you as every asteroid you pass by is rotating and making shadows. Alien invaders produce special sound effects and play the role of the invaders. This galactic invasion takes you from galaxy to galaxy, the next galaxy unknown and the last galaxy cleaned of invaders.
갤럭시 국방 전쟁 3D HD
This invaders game is not a classic invaders like Galaga or Chicken Invaders because you progress through the map even if you don't kill the invaders. This makes our adaptation more a runner game, but in space. This app does not offer a live wallpaper but we intend to implement one if the arcade space game proves to be successful.
Galaxy Defense War 3D HD
Galaxy Defense War 3D HD
Galaxy Defense War 3D HD

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