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Tower Storm GOLD

Tower Storm GOLD
Tower Storm GOLD l Version: 1.1.5 | Size: 41.34MB
Developers: Panoramik | Language: English

• 10 extra levels!
• Powerfull spells, which you can use in battle!
• 4th level upgrade perks!
• Extra gems and stars bonus!
Tower Storm is the best “tower capture” real-time strategy for Android! If you commanded armies of orcs and marines for all eternity already, answer the call, command your troops to take over enemy towers, bring your army to unconditional victory, build your own great empire on the ruins of the old world!
★★★★★ Editors' Pick by
★★★★★ “Fantastic game with a cute and whimsical backstory. Download Tower Storm today, and fight the future!” --Best Apps Market
★★★★★ “Hours of gameplay, tons of content, different skills, towers and battles. Love it!”
★★★★★ “Each level is a unique strategic puzzle, cool perks. Great work done by developers. 10/10”
★★★★★ “Great game! Can't quit playing this game because it's so addictive and fun. Best in genre!! ”
★★★★★ “Brainstorming tower strategy. Pretty outstanding by the way. Divide and conquer. Must play.”
Planet is torn apart by civil war. You should lead your goblin army and fight your land back inch by inch.
You army grows and troops are gradually evolving. The world does not stand still, each level is preparing you for new surprises and dangerous traps. Fantastic detailed locations, tricky missions and exciting gameplay awaits.
• Capture hundreds of towers in 40 unique levels!
• Perfect your tactical skills with 13 different game modes!
• Develop 30 amazing perks through laboratory!
• Win battles, break blockades, fight bosses and outwit your enemy!
• Hot deserts, snow-covered glaciers, picturesque meadows and even volcano crater!
• Collect 30 achievements and become the greatest tower storm player ever!
• Amazing graphics and great sound!
• No Ads!
Download "Tower Storm" for free now and save cute brave goblin soldiers in this mind-blowing puzzle strategy!!
“Perhaps, this is the best strategy game ever. Exciting battles, cool sieges, tactical puzzles and beautiful landscapes of islands captured by me. 10/10” -- Squatter Heck, main villain.
“First we were offered career in Hollywood. Famous projects, huge royalties and all that... But we chose ‘Tower Storm’ and didn’t regret it. This game is worth playing!” -- Minions, protagonists.
“Minions constantly defeat me ‘cause I’m evil and stupid monster. But I’m glad to be in ‘Tower Storm’, it’s really great game!” -- Bob the biker, evil and stupid boss.
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Tower Storm GOLD
Tower Storm GOLD
Tower Storm GOLD
Tower Storm GOLD
Tower Storm GOLD

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