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Slingshot Defense

Slingshot Defense
Slingshot Defense l Version: 1.1.2 | Size: 15.54MB
Developers: ZrHs-Apps | Language: English

Slingshot Defense is a classic defense type game, where enemies are falling from the sky, and your only weapon against them is a Slingshot..!
=The Plot=
In this Defense type game, your duty is to protect the Land (surface), and you have to do it, no matter what.
Your enemies are some suicide Bombers, that are falling from air Balloons (zeppelin) flying above you, trying to reach the surface and explode... What got into them?
Luckily, your weapon is a super laser canon...... oh wait, no , sorry. You only have a ... Slingshot... and for ammo some special ... balls. Can you make it through, against the odds?
But be careful, your balls are limited in each stage, so use them wise. On the other hand, you have different types of available balls to use, each one with their own unique attributes and powers.
Can You Make It?

=Version 1.1.2=
Fixed some minor bug mentioned from users feedback
=Version 1.1.0=
Added world 2:
25 new stages
5 bonus stages
2 new types of balls

=Version 1.0.1=
-Fixed compatibility with some smartphones
=Version 1.0=
-1 World to protect
-25 challenging Stages
-Training Mode
=More to come=
Stay tuned, more challenging levels and games mode are coming!
Slingshot Defense
Slingshot Defense
Slingshot Defense

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