Aftershock l Version: 1.0 | Size: 44.72MB
Developers: Shoot a Ray | Language: English

Crazy arcade survival action game AFTERSHOCK comes to Android!
Aliens have invaded Earth! It up to you to defend it with your fingertips!
Survive multiple waves of alien invaders and blast them away with RAILGUNS and ROCKET LAUNCHERS. Gather enough resources to call down devastating SUPER WEAPONS like PARTICLE CANNON and BOMBARDMENT to obliterate your foes. Enemy grows stronger every minute prepare yourself by collecting power ups on the battlefield.
Challenge you self with AFTERSHOCK the over the top arcade survival action game with its gorgeous high definition 3D graphics and addictive game play.
- Over the top arcade survival action game.
- Addictive game play that will keep pulling you back.
- Challenging difficulty for both casual and hardcore gamers.
- Player grade system to see how well you preformed. What is your gaming level?
- Crazy special effects and explosions.
- Multiple zones to defend from the alien invasion.
- Wide range of powerful super weapons that will annihilate your enemies from your fingertips.
- Find power up and hidden super weapons to improve your weapon arsenal.
- Fun and simple controls that anyone can get into.
- Amazing High Definition graphics.
- Energetic music from Machinimasound that keeps you on the edge.
Minimum Requirements:
- 800x480 Display Resolution.
Best played on Nexus7.

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